Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hayden isn't feeling the best today. She's been on my lap the entire morning and fussy at times. I did however enjoy our hour marathon of Olivia (the cartoon pig) with her cuddling on my lap and playing with my fingers.

That was the sweetest hour of my day and possibly qualifying for best hour of the week. I'm trying to cherish all of these moments while I still have them. While we still have them. I actually start to get really sad when I think about her not being my only child.

It's been just the two of us every weekday for the past 16 months. Having a child changes everything. I'm sure with two in the mix, nothing will be the same.

About three months ago, maybe longer actually, I purchased a lovely cloth bound journal from Anthropologie. I had many ideas for what I would write in it or use it for.

Mind you, this is not a cheap journal, as nothing ever is from Anthropologie. But I bought it because it was  gorgeous.

Well, it's still blank. I've opened it a few times as it sits on my nightstand, but nothing seemed worthy enough to write in it, or at least I could never commit to what the sole purpose of the journal would be used for. Until now.

I've just decided that the journal I bought is going to have all of my special moments that I share with Hayden and Baby A. Moments that I can look back on and smile. Moments that I can hopefully share with my girls in the future when they are truly able to appreciate and understand the love that I poured into it. Now that I think about it. I may just have to buy another one of these expensive for each of the girls. That would mean more to them if they each had their own. Something for me to consider...

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