Thursday, June 30, 2011

an amazing photog rave

Not much has happened since Sunday's big emotional adventure, not that compares to it anyhow. However, I did book our maternity session to go down this coming Sunday with Ms Lovely Amy Boring. I am super excited! I love her work {so much that we are driving an hour and 1/2} and I can't believe that she is photographing my little family.

I should also throw in that she is just as cool as her photos. We spent about two hours chatting about photography, life and drama. I felt like I've known her forever.

Yep. We are now BFFs.

Okay, maybe not BFF yet. That's kinda stalker, but we really do get along and I haven't felt a connection to a friend like that in forever- unless you are one of the friends that I can go years without talking to and when we see each other, it's like no time has passed. I feel blessed to have a handful of friends like that.

Anyways. She's super cool and it made me even more excited for the Sunday shoot. Stoked. Did I mention she will also be shooting baby A's newborn photos? {Insert squeal here}

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