Monday, May 23, 2011

I really want to not care

I love love love the styles of Anthropologie. Whenever I go there or online I find many things that I drool over, but never end up purchasing. Reason #1 being I’m fat and pregnant, so nothing actually fits. But reason #2 is because I care too much about what other people will think. The styles are gorgeous and I think many can agree on that. But you know how you kind of have a stigma of your style/personality that’s kind of set in stone after high school? And, if you try to change it, people look at you differently or you’re considered a “poser”? I think that’s the word. Anyhow, I think know I have the style of a school teacher. Bleh. ORRR get this….a mom. I’m 23 (I think, I honestly forget) and I don’t think I deserve the title of dressing like a "mom".

I don’t want to be dressing like most 23-year-olds I see with their ta-tas out or the short shorts, but I really don’t want to be put in the style category as a teacher or mom. Does this make sense?

I truly wish I just didn’t care. I wish I could just dye my hair a fun color, do a crazy cut and have extremely cute, different clothing. To sum it up, I would love to dress like a hippie. Not positive G would stay with me though.
How comfy does this look?? Yep. I know.
I might have to get this beauty.
Loving this so much and I don't know why.

All of these outfits are gorgeous and I would love to wear them…I wish I didn’t care what people had to think. I really want to not care. BTW, isn’t the photography in all of these pictures exquisite? 


If I had the choice to do my hair any way without ever thinking twice what other people would think, I would love to do something similar to this:

I don’t know…I guess I can always dream. Maybe one day I’ll get the balls to not care.

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