Monday, November 28, 2011

Baby girl, you are so serious. I can do so many things to try to make you smile, but if you are in this serious mood, this is all I get. I love you for how real you are. You do what makes you happy and that makes me happy. You go girl. Don't feel like smiling? That's okay. This fierce look will suffice. You're gorgeous anyways. 
Your Mama

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

rain, rain, don't go away

We are enjoying the different weather here in Mississippi. This was right after the big storm blew through. Hayden had a heck of a time with the puddles :) More pictures on that to come...


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Picture perfect

In a mama's eyes at least :)

Our two in a half day drive to Mississippi. They were all angels!! Yes, Garit was, too. ;)

Day #2

 I will be posting more tomorrow in between baking pies and cookies!


Hey Y'all

Did you read the title of this post with a southern accent? If not, go back and do so, pretty please. As well as all of my future posts for the next few weeks because I've got the southern country accent down! It's kinda hard to not adapt to it when everyone you talk to has this lovely accent. The more I talk to these southerners, the more I notice my twang setting in. 
Are you wondering what exactly this accent sounds like? 
 Paula Deen. All. The. Way. I pretty much love it. And her as well. She's kinda like the Grandma I've always wanted. Not saying I don't love my grandmas dearly. I do. But Paula can totally adopt me as her grandchild. Truly.

I guess I should have kinda updated y'all on what's going on. We are in Mississippi now, going on a week today. We are thoroughly enjoying it out here. The change in senory, weather and people. Oh the people! Everyone (well, almost everyone) is SO nice and welcoming. It kinda makes me want to stay. You don't get that kind of hospitality in California. Not even close. 

Well I'll quit rambling so I can go back to watching my Storage Wars (they don't have t-vo here y'all)


Monday, November 7, 2011

i adore

I adore my girls. It's no secret. I want to be the best mommy to them and the best wife to my husband. Above all else in this world, if I have succeeded in nothing but doing my personal best in the roles of a mother, bible teacher, mentor, supporter, playmate & educator to my children, then I will feel accomplished and fulfilled in life. 
A year ago, I'm not sure I can honestly say that would have been enough for me. I had goals. I had big goals that were in movement towards becoming a physician's assistant (PA). Maybe because I didn't value my job as a mother. With women needing to climb the corporate latter alongside their male partners to feel worthy and excepted by society. Needing to be able to support themselves if something were to go wrong.

I'm not disagreeing with this philosophy. I do think it is smart to be able to have a skill that can be utilized to provide for you and your family, but I also think that being just a mother is okay. It's a lot of work, responsibility and love. At the moment, I am blessed to be able to stay at home with my children full time. At the moment, this is 100% satisfying my need to feel productive and accomplished. I can't think of any other job that would give me as much satisfaction that I get each day by raising my girls.

Do I have goals? Of course. 
Do they have a deadline? Nope.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

22 months, already

Hayden turned 22 months yesterday. My baby is really growing up. I remember when I would tell Garit how I couldn't wait for her to sit up on her own. Then it was to stand. Then walk. Then run. Then color. Then communicate. All this has happened in less than 2 years. It's too fast. If I could hold on to the baby years for a tad bit longer with my baby girl, I would be one happy mama. Bailey, you can stay small for as long as you'd like. I'm not rushing one second of your growing up. I've realized how fast it really does fly by.
Baby girl, you love to cook as much as your mommy! You reminded me to check on the soup atleast 15 times tonight..."souuuup!" We would go to the stove and check on it and stir it to make sure it wasn't burning. :0) My lil assistant.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Isn't it the worse when you are watching what you eat and what actually happens is you are literally watching what you eat? As in watching it go straight into your mouth? Ugh. I had this issue today with a donut. I told myself, "okay, one bit won't hurt". 

Oh. my. goodness. Why did that one bite have to be the best tasting bite I think I've ever had from a donut? Seriously? Despite it's yummy goodness, I put it back into its pretty pink box and walked away. 10 minutes later, I pass by the pink box. Okay. Just one more bite. I'm not even joking you. Before I knew it over the course of 3 hours the whole damn donut was completely gone. Please tell me I'm not alone. I can't be the only one lacking self-control here. 
On top of it all, I'm pretty sure the donut was far from vegan friendly.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

letting go for once

For you writers out there, do you ever get inspired to write by the music you listen to? I was skipping through some music online and the song Ooh La La by Faces came on. The smell of pumpkin has overcome my home thanks to the overly-large sized candle that has been running for 8 hours today. Plus the girls are napping finally. So a new blog post was started.

There is actually so much that needs to get caught up on...downloading pictures, organizing my home, laundry, this blog...totally not the first time I've said this, I know. But rather than back-tracking through my life the past few weeks, I would rather focus on the future. Just for right now. Our future is so bright. The Lord has provided so much hope and promise. Best of all, He has spoken to both Garit and I in so many ways. 

For once, we are going to take a vacation from our crazy life. We are going to visit Mississippi for a few weeks. We are going to relax, ride bikes, cook, take a trip down to Louisiana and eat at some awesome places and just experience life. I think this could get addicting really fast, with no real time limit on how long we can be away.

For once we can experience our family without any distractions. Make memories that we will remember for a lifetime. This is the start of our life together. As one. Since we got married this past Tuesday. :0) 

To our beautiful future and a lifetime of happiness!



I got really caught up with life. Seriously, the month of October flew right by me. I'll fill you in on all the awesome details over the next few posts.

A happier moment from ms bailey...although we are teething like a mad man at the moment. :(

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