Sunday, June 12, 2011

Poop. Poop. and more POOP.

Between this horrific sore throat that crept up on me within the past 5 hours and my brain refusing to shut off...along with Baby A tickling my ribs, it seems impossible to get any sleep tonight. 

It's approximately 11 on a Sunday night and I am up thinking about blogging. Obsessed. I wont deny it.

As for the title of this post...poop...this is what I thought I would share with you. Literally.

Yesterday, we had a fun day at my parents house. Hayden got to go in the spa with my dad and sisters and wore herself out after only two hours.

She napped on the way home and as well as in her room when we finally got home (it was a 45 minute drive...I hate the drive to my parents) Anyways, we thought it would be a great idea to nap as well. So we nap for an hour or so and then we wake up to her playing in her room. 

I tell G that I'm not ready to get up yet...I needed just 20 more minutes. He said "Cool. No problem." I quickly drift back to sleep until I hear G yelling "No, No No!" and then I hear the back door open and slam shut. My mind is still half asleep as I try to piece together a scenario...then I hear G's heavy footsteps 

{I laugh as I type this because he is so freakin' loud when he walks down our's like he stomps or something hahahha}

and then I hear the bath start in Hay's bathroom. So, I roll out of bed to see what all the excitement is about.

As I opened our bedroom door, I smelled the stench coming down our hall. I knew exactly what had happened. Poop. Hayden was wearing a dress and she had experienced a massive blowout and had decided to play in it. Literally, there was shit everywhere. I started gagging as I walked into the bathroom. 

Our convo:
me: Hunny, why didn't you come get me?
him: You asked for 20 minutes so I was going to give you it
me: UMMMM there is shit everywhere. On her bed rails, her bed sheets, the carpet, her toys...everywhere. You were going to let me sleep? LOL! 
him: {he smiles}yes, I knew you were tired.

I guess he gets an "A" for thought but and "F" for effort since it seemed as though he was trying to wake me up with his yelling, door slamming and foot stomping. Bahahahaha!

Oh, and about the yelling...I asked what that was all about. He proceeded to tell me that as he was changing her diaper, she decided to grab herself-poop and all. I couldn't help but laugh and shake my head...and gag. We both found it funny by this point even though I could tell he was so incredibly stressed out still.

I made a deal with him, I would clean the room if he cleaned her. He gladly took me up on the offer. He told me if he cleaned the room, I would be having to go in a re-clean it after he threw up in it. Ya. It was that bad. Oh the joy of having kids! :0)

I'll spare you any pictures. {I didn't take any! Promise.) 

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