Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Get to know me better...

With 23 random facts!

1. I cloth diaper Hayden 90% of the time. It used to be full time, but when it's really hot outside, Hayden gets heat rashes down there because of the moisture.

2. When Hay "holds my hand" she's actually just gripping my pinky. Cutest thing ever. 

3. I've tossed around the idea of homeschooling and really need to force myself to research it more. 

4. Hayden says "peazzzzz" {Please} with emphesis. It makes my day.

5. I get anxiety when I think about Hayden going to school {one of the reasons I want to home school her, but not the main reason}

6. I don't know how many more episodes of Calliou I can watch before I go completely insane.

7. I have struggled with acne since my teens.

8. I have a problem with following through. 

Example: I have everything you could ever think of to scrapbook, yet over the past two years I have only finished 1 {ONE} page. Yep. Fail.

9. I have an obsession with scented candles.

10. I LOVE the lines that the vacuum leaves on the carpet.

11. I eat sunflower seed nut butter on my bananas. 

12. I see Garit as perfect because I look at him through Jesus' eyes.

13. I am terrified to have a newborn again.

14. I want a big family, possibly 5 children but I really rescent the thought of being pregnant for 50 months.

15. I want to be a crunchy granola head, but I love meat too much to totally give it up.

16. We have a Chocolate Lab and Two Yorkshire Terriers. We would have more, but Garit learned to tell me no shortly after getting the lab. {I'll have to tell the story of the cat one day}

17. I secretly have baby fever even though I'm already pregnant. I am going to have to get the IUD fo sho ASAP after this bambino.

18. I really struggled with my weight after having Hayden. I was only able to breastfeed until she was 4 months old because I didn't take in enough calories and water. I blame myself every day and wish I could have gone until she was one.

19. I love to make lists. For everything.

20. I am deathly afraid that I might be one of the millions that experience PPD.

21. My kitchen is wine themed.

22. I pray that Hayden and Baby A will grow up with Jesus in their heart. 

23. I still get butterflies when I talk to Garit, I truly feel I found my soul mate {cheesy, I know}.

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