Tuesday, October 4, 2011

mother's helper, anyone?

Today I sat at the kitchen table while Hayden ate her toast with jelly and bananas. Bailey slept loudly in her swing. This girl can snore. It makes me laugh, probably 3 seperate times throughout the day. Anyways, I sat at the table and realized that our life has really settled down. We have a routine and I'm not insanely stressed anymore. I do however, feel overwhelmed and I feel as if I can't balance the things I have to do each day: laundry, dinner, grocery shopping, general cleaning, errands, bills...the list goes on. Literally. I sat there and I added "playing and reading with the girls, blogging, reading up on my favorite blogs, photography..." the. list. goes. on.

All of these things may not seem like priorities to you, but these are all things that I kinda have to have in my life. Like on a daily basis. Maybe not the laundry or cleaning or def not the bills (who in the world likes to do bills??) but the blogging and playing and reading with the girls, taking pictures of my little loves...these are what make me happy. They keep me sane. They make it easier for me to be a good mom. If it was all work and no play, then what is the point? I have to constantly remind Garit to keep this mindset. He is all work. no play.

But my issue comes when I didn't get around to doing the laundry. The dishes have been in the dishwasher, clean, mind you...but there for 3 days. The girls no longer have any clothes hanging in their closets, they are all in folded piles with no sort of organization or even relience in size. This is where I get overwhelmed.  I need balance. I feel like I'm constantly behind. I need help.

Or maybe I need to ditch my computer, phone, camera for a few weeks until I get everything under control. I hate feeling like I'm dropping the ball in one or two areas at all times. Maybe it's time for me to unplug for a while. Or limit myself to "free time" like we had in kindergarten, but once everyone is in bed. Kinda like I'm doing right now, at 12 am.


  1. Found your blog from Leviepetite and I'm loving it so far! I have an 8 month old andmy husband is already talking about having another one. Ah! I LOVE my son and would like him to have a sibling close in age but I still shudder to think of the newborn stage. The best advice I have gotten is to ask for help: neighbors, church members, even local students can get bribed/paid to help with laundry or pick up your groceries. Hope that helps :)

  2. Hi Marria! Thank you! :) Your little boy is so adorable! Isn't it funny how the husbands are so eager to have another so soon? It must be because they never carried them for 10 months straight. :) I was pregnant again by the time Hayden was 9 months old. Honestly, I would have probably waited until she was at least a year. A few months in between your two children won't make a difference in their closeness, but it will make enough difference in your sanity LOL! But if you chose to have another as close as I did, just know it's not easy...but still a blessing every day. :) Thanks for your advice! I am going to look into some help this week...it will be worth every penny!

    xo Brianna


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