Thursday, October 20, 2011

my five kids tug at my heart

 I actually have 5 kids, didn't you know? 2 human kids and 3 fur kids. 


This is Dalilah& Lorelai. Baby D is her short name, the one in front. She is 4 years young (I think) I was saying 2 years for about 2 4 years actually sounds about right. HA! The lil lady behind her is named Baby L for short. She will be 3 in April. How I know this is we got her while I was pregnant with Hayden. Boy, I was kinda foolish. This was when Mr didn't know how to say no to me. He learned quickly though, when I brought home a cat from the shelter about 2 weeks later. HA. He said hell no and told me to take it back. Keep in mind, I was pregnant and my fiance told me no. For the very first time. Not cool. I made him take the kitty back because I couldn't stop crying for it's poor soul. & because he said no. haha


Then there is duke. Our chocolate lab. We got him before baby L but after baby D, & before returned kitty. So yes, we got two dogs while we were newly pregnant, when we already had one very spoiled baby D. My heart has so much room for animals...and children. I can picture myself with 5 of each. I'm halfway there, y'all! ;)


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