Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the reason my home is a disater

Most moms I know look forward to their children's nap time so they can pick up their home, clean, do laundry.
I will shamefully admit that when my girls nap, especially if they are napping at the same time, it's me time, baby. I don't clean unless it's to the point to where I really can't stand it anymore. Honestly, it has to get pretty bad to get to this point, but then again, that is usually about ever third day or so. But when my girls are napping, I catch up on reading my favorite blogs and usually catch up on mine. 
Downloading my most recent pictures are often a daily nap time ritual as well.  Some days, when I'm extra lucky and feeling a bit risky, I'll even squeeze in a 20 minute shower. Ah, pure bliss. Sometimes a shower isn't even heard of on some days. Shocker, I know. Want to know something even worse? Some days, I don't even get out of my pajamas. I know, you are totally gasping right now. Don't judge me.
So, as you can tell, there is really no real direction as far that this post goes, so I'll just posts some adorable pictures of my loves and get on to reading my fav blogs like I mentions and I'm also going to shoot for that 20 minute of bliss I talked about. Why? Because Garit and I have a date at our church's office this afternoon. But I can't say too much, because it's a surprise that is slowly unfolding. :) 
By the way, you probably wonder why most of the pictures I post are with Hayden in her high chair. I realize you probably think "gosh, she must live in that thing!" 
No, that is just the only time I can have my camera out and she doesn't run away. haha I hope this stage ends soon :)

Photos of Bay soon to come :)
Happy Hump day!

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