Thursday, September 29, 2011

Like whoa. Awesome & Awkward

So, I guess I can't be too upset with the Target lady. I could pass for being pregnant still. : (
6 weeks post Bailey.

-It's Thursday. Really? Already? My week has FLOWN by. Like literally, I was thinking it was Tuesday.
-Went to the grocery store with both girls by myself and was able to shop with zero melt downs and a silent, awake Bailey.
-Both girls slept a good two hours at the same time and I was able to do a deep cleaning in our kitchen and living area.
-I was able to increase my milk supply from 5 oz every 12 hours to 5 oz every 3 hours. Woot!
-This Saturday Bailey will be 6 weeks. If you are a mommy, you know what that means...bow-chicka-bow-wooow.
-The mask of pregnancy on my face is almost completely gone. yay!
-Bailey is smiling All.The.Time.

-Going to Target looking for an outfit to look cute in so I can feel normal again. Then Target lady checking me in the dressing room tells me that all of the maternity clothes were on sale. Awesome. If I were actually pregnant. Thanksss for that amazing self esteem boost.
-Hayden points out when some one farts. This goes for the sound or even smell. Watch out. You might just get outed with a cute little voice saying "toot toot". You've been warned and I have been reminded. Ha.
-Stumbling on my words like I never have before (at Target with a different Target lady) while trying to explain the stupid water jug I was looking for. She showed no sympathy for my description that made no sense at all, even after apologizing and giving the excuse of working off of 4 hours of sleep for the past 5 weeks. I walked away feeling like a total idiot and no water jug.
 -Letting the dogs out to go relieve themselves while Bailey on the boob and our employee pulls up and has to walk literally 20 feet away. I couldn't dart in the house, I think that would have made it even more incredibly awkward. Breastfeeding is natural, right? Why was it so incredibly awkward?! (our office is in our back yard for the moment. moment=past year and a half. Ugh)
-Seeing an acquaintance and totally not remembering their name but having full on conversations. What do you do? Ask for their name again? Bahahha. No.
-Coming home after running some errands and Garit asks me where the carpet cleaner is. Why? Because Hayden has taken off her diaper in her room while napping and dropped a turd. Garit thought this was hilarious and thought I had to see it for myself. Who do you think ended up cleaning it? Ugh. Not cool.
-Bawling my eyes out like 5 times while watching 50 first dates (for like the fourth time) and Garit looking at me like "what the heck?" Hormones man! Get with it already lol!


  1. She's precious! Quick question: how did you increase your supply? Just wanna know for future reference. Also, I saw a similar cardigan at Target and was just on my way to get it. We have good taste :)

  2. Thank you :P I think she's pretty darn cute, too. ha.

    I drank 100 oz of water. I'm not even exaggerating. I also downed a cup of oatmeal (dried rolled oats), ate more throughout the day (with two little ones, your day flies and you realize that you forgot to eat and it's 3pm haha) I also took 14 fenugreek pills. Currently I am struggling worse than I ever have though.:( It seems like every day is a real struggle with my milk supply. I'm trying really hard to stick with it, though.

    PS I got the cardigan at Target $12 on clearance. :)


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