Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Share the love, go public!

I have had a ton of people over the past several months that have personally emailed, facebooked and texted me telling me how much they enjoy reading my blog. But more recently, I have received TONS of feedback! It's awesome! Especially on my two recent posts about my experience of delivering Bailey and my "feeling guilty" post. I am so thrilled that people (you guys!) are enjoying my blog so much, but even more that you are relating.  I'm not alone! I love reading all of your support and reassurance that it's normal to feel this way...and that you have felt this way, too!

Can you do me a huge favor? Pretty please?

Can you share the love? Share my blog with your friends! Through Facebook, through your mommy forums, through word of mouth! I would love to help other mommas that have felt or are feeling the same way.

Another way you could help me is commenting through here. I know lots of you already do, but I know comments that share your experiences or even just your condolences may also help other readers (and myself!) who are feeling heartache or who simply just need a laugh and reassurance that feeling this way is okay and there are plenty of other strong women going through the same thing! (whether it be heartache from things not going our way or the frustrations of tantrums with our toddlers, or simply jumping on the Spanx bandwagon). 

I would truly appreciate this from you, and I know other readers will too. So, instead of messaging me privately (even though, I truly love it!) please...go public and comment! Share!


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