Friday, September 2, 2011

colors and cookies

Yesterday was a really rough day for me with the girls. My friend Hannah came to visit, which was wonderful! However, I was rather sleep deprived (which isn't a rare thing around the house these days) and the girls and I started our day at 5 am. Hayden never wakes up this early, making her super tired by 8 am...but of course she wouldn't nap.

So, I had a child that desperately needed to nap, but refused because we had a guest over (she absolutely loves Hannah) and it seemed as though melt downs were happening everytime I opened my mouth-no matter what was coming out of it. I could have asked her if she wanted a cookie and she would have thrown herself on the floor. This girl needed sleep. Enough said.

Speaking of cookies, I somehow was able to muster up enough energy to bake cookies while the girls took their nap. They were mighty yummy. Even Hayden thought so (not refusing cookies today, obviously).

Because she was behaving so well today, I decided to bring out her favorite coloring book while she watched her favorite show "Bubble Guppies". Baby Bailey was content sleeping in her swing. She wanted to be held most of the day. I didn't complain too much, I can't believe she's two weeks tomorrow.

While the girls seemed to have had a great day, so did I. I got to play with my camera after blowing off the dust that had settled on it. I'm a bit sore after getting in odd positions to get the shots I wanted, but it's all worth it. I'm so happy the camera is out to stay again (which means you get to see more pictures...I know how much you all love my pictures ;)

PS my child rarely wears pants while in the house. Don't ask me why. It just ends up that way.

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  1. THANK YOU for posting pictures ;) you take great photos, and your girls are both so precious! I'm sure it's good for you, too, to be taking pictures again ;)


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