Monday, September 12, 2011

A mom with many talents...

I think I'm rather talented in many areas. I won't bore you with a list of what I think I'm good at...

But I will admit I'm not good at something. Style. I can't put an outfit together. Pathetic right? It's actually quite embarrassing to admit. I will blame it partially on the fact that I have an extremely limited wardrobe to choose from since I've been pregnant for 20 months out of the past 29. That may just be an excuse and I'll be the first one to sheepishly raise my hand to confess to that. So what's my deal? I think I use to be able to somewhat confidently shop and dress cute prior to being a mom. I use to get compliments on my outfits all the time when I worked at the tanning salon. Is that because when I worked there, you basically were hired on looks and style? I'm not saying that was right, but looking back at it now, I will totally take that as a compliment.

I've been following a few fashion blogs. Okay, actually more like stalking. One in particular that I get super excited about is is super cute and I love her style! That's a step right? I know what kind of style I like, but the major problem is I have no clue where to start when putting an outfit together. So, I stick to what's extremely safe and not exactly flattering. Jeans and a t-shirt. Lovely.

I want to dress conservative, I am a mother after all. Yet, I want to look stylish, modern and feel confident in what I wear.

But where do I start? With a 3 week post-baby body, not really any "wearable" clothing that fits me in my wardrobe (without looking pregnant still)...what do I do? I was looking online at clothing and I literally can't put together an outfit and feel confident about it. Any ideas? Keep in mind I plan on losing weight fairly quickly once I get the go-ahead from my Dr.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! : )


  1. I don't know what you are talking about lady! You always look super cute!

    I look at pinterest all the time & play around on Polyvore is cool because you mix items and you can kinda see what they would look like together. I usually start with a top that is similar to one I have and then work around it. You can mix different scarves and belts and such.

    & well, you know how amazing pinterest is.

    Do you thrift ever? Seriously, the most amazing thing everrrr. You can't beat Banana Republic pants for $3 and Express sweaters for $2.

  2. @Nicole

    I've heard of Polyvore, but never looked into it. I'll have to now. Weeeee! I seriously think when you come over we should go through my closet and you can tell me how pathetic I am. HA. I have SOOOOO many clothes but I don't know where to start when going through them. I will say that 89% of them are maternity though. Sad Sad. I just found "the Daybook" blog. look her up. she's a slice of heaven. I want to dress like her lol. Not sure I could ever pull it off though.

    Pinterest is yummy. Delish.

    NO! OMG LOL!! Funny story. I kept seeing you post "thrifted" and I was going to ask you what that meant! haahahha good times. I don't think I would know where to begin at a thrift store! What store do you go to?? I highly doubt I would ever find BR pants or Express, let alone for those prices!

  3. Haha! I am SO up for some closet fun! We can modify maternity clothes too! Layers, belts, sweaters & some leggings! I secretly have a few maternity shirts ;)

    I shop at just a normal thrift store by my house. I used to think like vintage weird pieces for thrifting and that is what I would buy but I would NEVER wear them. So now I only get things that I would buy in the mall like f21, gap, limited, express, etc. It's amazing stuff those thrift stores.

    Have you looked at Kendi Everyday yet? She is awesome!

  4. YEAH! Let's dooo it! Break it down... (totally off Yo Gabba Gabba. Bay needs to let me sleep lol)

    I have so many clothes, I don't know where to start. Not very many belts, a few pair of leggings. We may need to go shopping too. ;)

    I can't wait to raid my thrift store now lol. I think there's two near by...

    I love her! I didn't realized I had her bookmarked and when I first discovered blogging, I read her religiously. I'm so glad you brought her to my attention again!

  5. Oye. I've spent about the last 30 minutes on the Daybook.

    Donnie looked over at the computer & asked what I was looking at...

    my reply "a blog, what else?"

    Seriously, my productivity scale has been pretty low because of these blogs.

  6. lol. I'm sorry!! Garit is the same way :)


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