Thursday, September 15, 2011

awesome & awkward thursday!!

-You know the toast I was toasting this morning? Burnt it. So much for easy [laughs]! Awesome part is Garit walked in the house with donuts. Score.
-I was able to talk my toddler out of one of her world famous tantrums. By bribing her with reading time.
-When I think there is nothing in the house to eat for lunch without cooking a full-blown meal, I find a "cup of noodles".
-My Keurig one-cup coffee machine. 'nuff said.

-Bailey pulled off my boob this morning causing milk to be sprayed everywhere [laughs] oops. that's something I simply can not control.
-While picking up Hayden's room [MUCH NEEDED], I stumble across a wet diaper. Hayden's response: uh oh. and then pees. yep. on the floor.
-Put on my pre-pregnancy pants. They fit and I can button them. But not without the extra stretched-out skin making my tummy look like a butt. [I'm not the only one that has this problem right?]
-While passing our living room window, my eyes catch our neighbor's horse. in the front yard. just chillin'. [laughs]
-Bailey always passes wind and poos while feeding. so random.

self pictures are always awkward.


  1. I call my stomach the Butt Gut! :) something we have in common now :)


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