Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hey Y'all

Did you read the title of this post with a southern accent? If not, go back and do so, pretty please. As well as all of my future posts for the next few weeks because I've got the southern country accent down! It's kinda hard to not adapt to it when everyone you talk to has this lovely accent. The more I talk to these southerners, the more I notice my twang setting in. 
Are you wondering what exactly this accent sounds like? 
 Paula Deen. All. The. Way. I pretty much love it. And her as well. She's kinda like the Grandma I've always wanted. Not saying I don't love my grandmas dearly. I do. But Paula can totally adopt me as her grandchild. Truly.

I guess I should have kinda updated y'all on what's going on. We are in Mississippi now, going on a week today. We are thoroughly enjoying it out here. The change in senory, weather and people. Oh the people! Everyone (well, almost everyone) is SO nice and welcoming. It kinda makes me want to stay. You don't get that kind of hospitality in California. Not even close. 

Well I'll quit rambling so I can go back to watching my Storage Wars (they don't have t-vo here y'all)


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