Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So often I'm sitting at the kitchen table, doing whatever it is I'm doing, and I look over at Hayden and the expression she has on her face is priceless. I always seem to have some sort of music going on my laptop {love Pandora} and while looking at my daughter doing whatever amazing thing she's doing...whether it be her turning in circles to the music, or just giving me that look that melts my heart because she's the only person that can give me butterflies of such happiness with just her smile- for no particular reason other than her mommy is there with her...I wish I had my camera out.

Wow. Longest run-on sentence ever.  If you got through it, props to you.

I take mental pictures of the moment. It's not enough. I miss my camera so much. It's packed away in the hospital bag because I know in the rush of the moment of going to the hospital, it will get left behind if it's not securely in it's place in the delivery bag...

As anxious as I am to meet my baby girl, I am just as anxious to start capturing every moment with my camera. The small grimises that we call a smile even when it's followed by a fart, the cries that she lets out when she wants to nestle my breast to eat and be comforted. I seriously can't wait.

It's like my love for photography is growing all over again, all in anticipation of the possibilities and the fact that I feel I've been deprived of my camera and editing due to lack of movement and 3rd trimester exhaustion.

I am just a mom with a camera and a dream. I know how fast they grow up and I want to capture every moment so I can look back and just smile.

For now, photobooth will have to do.

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