Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 1

Not the post I was hoping (nor ever imagined) to be writing. It's not day one with my new bundle of joy, but rather day one, past my due date.

Feeling: Depressed, anxious, frustrated and completely done being pregnant. I'm ready to meet my baby girl.

Yesterday I counted how many times I hit my ginormous belly on the table, counter, fridge, kitchen wanna know my number?

9. NINE freaking times I said "owe" and cringed in pain from a sharp corner stabbing me in my tiger-stripped belly (the stripes being stretchmarks, of course).

I had my membranes stripped on Wednesday ("ouch" is being very modest). The verdict: 42 hours later still cramping/contracting and definitely still very pregnant. I've been experiencing back labor and from what I've read, that type of labor is very painful (so far I can agree, but have nothing to compare it too) and is usually longer than "normal labor"...which would make sense since I feel like I've been in labor for over 24 hours already.

So, that's the update. The only positive that I can get out of it so far is that we are headed towards starting the weekend and I'm guaranteed to have Garit by my side for the next two days with him taking minimal calls from work. Good deal.

Garit 's prediction: My water will break around 3 am tomorrow morning.

At this point, I'll take it.

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  1. I hope you are holding your baby in your arms by the time you read this comment : )


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